Some Parenting Tips And Top Gift Ideas For Kids Happiness

I speak to many students during the week. I speak with many online, as well. I am even fortunate enough to have some of them open up to me about their family lives.  One of my favorite teenagers online is a young man who is so wise and humorous, that his parents often come to him for advice.  His relationship with his parents is far beyond him being a subordinate to them. He is centered and can spot the causes and effects of a mere word. His parents have learned to use this talent to their benefit by befriending him and asking for his opinion on home matters.

Parenting Tips For First Time Mother

parenting kidsI also feel that my twelve year old son will one day become my confidante. I have never been able to control him, so I learned early on, that the best parenting and discipline for him did not require controlling.  Rather, I developed a rapport with him that basically just requires mutual respect.  He is a darling young man of almost thirteen. He is happy, he is talented, and he is funny and very, very wise.

A lot of times our discipline revolves around what we are thinking our children need and what we think they are needing to hear from our storehouses of wisdom. Much of the time we miss the mark on what they really need. This is because we are way too focused on ourselves and too focused on how things affect us. Early on we need to be aware intuitively and instinctively about what is going on in the heads of our children.

We can accomplish this by letting go of our own personal baggage and agendas (and we all have them) If we can do this, the more we will be able to tap into what our children are really going through themselves. We often project our fears, insecurities and failings onto our kids no matter what they are telling and showing us. We just assume that they have the same struggles and injuries that we have grown to live with (often dysfunctionally.) Our children have completely different points of view than we do. We do spot similarities, but these similarities are such in that they come from a place of imitation and observing our behavior. They arent birthed, so to speak, from the same defense mechanisms and adjustments we needed to make to get by when we were young.

Our children will develop their own defense mechanisms to deal with our unresolved baggage, just like we developed our own to deal with the craziness of our parents. We need to look more at our children in a way that reflects what they are dealing with, not what we, through not resolving our stuff, think that they are dealing with. They have their own personalities, their own trademarks, their own worries. The sooner we take care of our inner workings and our left over, obsolete defense mechanisms, the sooner we will be able to tap into our childrens thoughts and really be able to help them and HEAR what they are really thinking feeling so we can get on with being the types of parents that they need us to be.

Top Toys and Gifts That Every Kids Will Love

Though most kids love any kinds of toys and gifts, but there are certain toys that they desperately want and will love till they grow up. Here are list of some top ideas for the kids.

Traditional Wooden toys

best wooden toys UKYes, You will be surprise that most kids will love this old fashioned toys. Even in the modern wold with so many hitech gadgets, kids still love traditional wooden toys. Focus on the kind of play a toy encourages, rather than on the features of the toy. (i.e. The idea that less is more is a truism that has been passed down through the ages. The lack of flashing lights and commercial characters stimulates creative, open-ended play. Why buy wooden toys? Think about what the child can do, rather than what the toy can do.) Let the child’s developmental level and interests guide your toy choices, not advertising or the popularity of the toy.
When thinking about toys, this old wisdom remains as true as ever. Natural materials — The warmth of wood creates a connection between your child and the natural world. I want my children to play with natural materials, like wood, cotton, silk, wool, stainless steel. Look for toys that let the child “tell the story” — eave room for the child to use his or her imagination in how they play! There are innumerable types of modern toys hugely advanced in their functions.

Wooden toys honestly portray mass and weight. I also always look for open-ended toys that encourage imagination, for example a colorful set of stacking cups that can teach shape and size, hand-eye coordination, and can later be used in a play kitchen or to teach color sorting. Provide an array of toys and activities that encourage your child to use and explore all developmental domains: physical; cognitive; sensory; speech and language; social and emotional. One drawback to this increasing complexity is the diminishing freedom of imagination that toys sometimes present to children. Wooden toys also help you avoid BPA, phthalates, PVC, and other chemicals commonly found in plastic toys.
Give me few beautiful multipurpose toys over many toys any day! These days it is not uncommon to find adults to have a collection of wooden toy trains as it has become more valuable over the years especially those that are made by well-known toy train makers. Complex functionalities often dictate that play is structured along very specific lines.eyes and ears; at month two baby will start to grab and around month three babies will start to enjoy tummy time – pushing up on strengthening little arms. Eco-friendly — Wood is a naturally renewable resource that can be composted. And then there’s the question of plastics, toxicities, manufacturing policies and safety.

Whether you are planning to start your own collection or plan to buy the first train set for a kid, there are some things you should definitely factor in. From month four babies’ hand-eye coordination really starts to improve as they want to touch, hold and shake everything around them (including your hair!) Reward every effort with a beaming smile and encouraging words of praise. I’m not an expert on plastics, but I’m hesitant for my son to chew on a material widely produced with BPA. This quick wooden toy train buying guide aims to help you make the process of choosing one to be a little bit easier.

Bunk Beds

bunk beds 2017 UK Bunk beds are another thing that every child wants. If you have more than one kid, then the best bunk bed in UK would be a great choice for you. Bunk beds come in several sizes and configurations. This style features one bed perched over a desk, drawers, open space or a perpendicularly-placed bed. Kids can fall off the ladder when climbing up or down. Whatever the reason, you’ve decided it’s time to put all that overhead space in the kids’ room to good use and transform their sleeping area to a more lofty arrangement. The most common bunk bed size is twin over twin, but twin over full and full over full options are also common.

  • A lofted bed over a perpendicular bed is most often called an L-shaped bunk bed for the shape the two make.
  • They could fall off the bottom or top bunk if they aren’t being careful enough.
  • Before pursuing this, it’s a good idea to stop and consider all the different options that are available.
  • Before you purchase a bunk bed, be sure to measure the floor to ceiling space of the room the bunk bed will go in.
  • A lofted bed with a slim profile (not an L-shaped bed) works in a small room where floor space is precious, but where two beds aren’t necessary.

They can crack their head or body part on the wood or metal rails. It can be tough to make grown up buying decisions without being properly informed. Allow at least 2 feet of space between the top bunk and the ceiling. Bunk beds are usually designed to be placed in a child’s room and are usually made of materials that fit with the other furniture in the room. If the bunks don’t have a ton of space between them, the bottom child could crack their head on the bottom of the top bunk.

The fact is, bunk beds have mutated, and new species have evolved. Most bunk beds will be constructed of either wood or metal. Bunk beds do come in several different options, as there are alternatives to the basic twin-on-twin model. Also, will the slats or boards support your bouncing child enough so that the mattress doesn’t fall through? Now there are all different kinds of bunk beds to choose from, and choosing the right specifications can be a real difficult task. Each material has advantages and disadvantages, so it’s important to be aware of those when deciding which material is right for you. There are also bunk beds that can be separated in order to become a pair of twin beds, which provides even more versatility, especially when children get older and are no longer interested in bunk beds. Will the bunk bed be stable enough? Most bunks are stacks of two twin-size beds. Before you purchase a bunk bed, make sure that you measure the height from the floor to the ceiling to ensure there will be at least 2 feet of space between the top bunk and the ceiling to avoid bumping your head.

You can place any twin-size mattress in the bed, as long as it’s not thicker than the side rails meant to keep the sleeper from falling out. With young children, a guardrail on the top bunk is encouraged. A mattress that is no more than 6 inches thick is perfect. On some models, you can also add a trundle bed or drawer units that fits underneath the bottom bunk bed. The bottom bunk may be larger than a twin, but it will still be a standard mattress size, either full or queen. Trundle bed can bed pulled out to allows room for a third person to sleep while not taking up floor space during the day. Some companies offer bunk bed mattresses that have a solid foundation built in, meaning you don’t have to rely on slats to hold the mattress in the frame.

Jogging stroller

jogging stroller UKIf you are looking for a good jogging stroller in UK than go for the top brands. Cheap brands are not worth, they will break within few months. Some first-time parents start with an all-in-one travel system, which consists of an infant car seat, a car-seat base, and a stroller. Strollers come with their own language. After 9+ months of pregnancy a lot of Moms find themselves more than ready for exercise or time outside. Many jogging strollers available today offer a front wheel that can be either locked into the straight-ahead position that is best for running, or set free to swivel, which makes steering when walking much nicer. They can be heavy and take up more room than just a stroller frame, but once your baby reaches 6 months and can sit up, you’ll have the flexibility to use the travel system stroller without the infant seat snapped in.

  • A “carriage” is just another name for a stroller, but often refers to one where baby faces you.
  • A stroller you can jog with is an investment in your health and mental well-being that happily, is a form of exercise you can share with baby once they have developed strong enough neck muscles to handle the stress of jogging.
  • This decision is related to the stability issue above.
  • Some travel system strollers can accommodate an infant less than 6 months old without the car seat, if the seat reclines to nearly flat.
  • A “pram” describes the old-fashioned carriages (big wheels, fancy canopy) that keep an infant lying down — they’re bassinets on wheels and are meant for newborns.

Most babies love to go jogging, and most parents find that it is an easy, cost effective way to get active and into an exercise routine. he BOB Revolution has a large, comfortable seat for your baby, and an extra large canopy (which helps protect your little one from the sun on those early morning or late evening runs). The 70 pound weight limit means your little one can sit in that stroller until he’s not so little anymore. If you will be using your stroller only for running, then you don’t need to spend the extra dollars to get one with a swivel option on the front wheel. A travel system is costlier but a good value because the stroller can be used after your child outgrows the infant car seat, unlike a car seat carrier frame. A “travel system” is a stroller that comes with a car seat that snaps into it. The maneuverability on both models is excellent, and with the option of having the front wheel swivel or fixed, it’s great for any situation. Running with the wheel in swivel mode is dangerous because running over even a small pebble with a swivel wheel at running speeds could send the stroller quickly veering in an unplanned direction. The granddaddy of strollers, travel systems combine a car seat and a stroller, making it possible for you to use the system throughout your baby’s infancy and toddlerhood. Baby can ride in the car seat when he’s an infant and in the stroller seat once he’s older. “Jogging strollers” are sporty three-wheelers you can run with, though now there are some three-wheel strollers that are not for jogging, just for show. I’ve even taken this stroller on the sand at the beach. Unlike a standard four-wheeled stroller, jogging strollers are equipped with three air-filled tires similar to bicycle tires.

The car seat locks into the stroller for easy transport. Finally, an “umbrella stroller” is a small, lightweight stroller that’s more or less a fabric sling on a frame, suitable for a baby 6 months or older. While that was not as easy as the sidewalk or road, it was definitely doable in a situation I doubted. Because these tires are air filled, it is important to remember that they will need to be refilled with a pump occasionally to stay firm and keep your stroller easy to push. Once your baby can support herself, use the stroller alone as you would a traditional stroller. It’s the stroller you’ll pooh-pooh initially, but will love by the time you’ve got a toddler and are fed up with lifting, folding, and pushing anything larger.

Just like any other vehicle, they can get flat should you run over a sharp object. If you’ll use a stroller mainly for quick errands, you can probably get away with a simple car-seat stroller frame for younger babies and a lightweight stroller for older ones. Much larger than standard stroller tires, jogger tires range from 12” to 24” in diameter and are built to cover all terrain types- the larger the wheel, the easier the navigating on rougher terrain. Active moms and dads who want to bring their baby along when running or hiking will want a rugged jogging stroller.
Remember, though, that larger wheels will also have a harder time collapsing down to fit easily in small trunk spaces for storage and transportation. You may end up with several strollers in your closet or garage as your child grows and your needs change. A great feature to look for in larger-wheeled joggers is easily removable tires for extra compact folding.

Swimming Goggles

swimming goggles for kidsKids love going out to beach and love to swim in sea or swimming pool. You need top quality swimming googles for your kid to enjoy in water for long. I hope that I have given everyone a better perspective from which to choose your next pair of goggles. The inner surface of anti-fog goggle lenses is coated with plastic additives during manufacturing to prevent condensation. We’ve put some popular kids’ swim goggle brands to the test and we found out that when it comes to goggles, you get what you pay for. If you are swimming for reasonably long periods of time, comfort will be your main priority. For me as a professional swimmer, having my racing goggles completely secure when entering the water is a #1 priority, so my default is always to use a low-profile goggle.

  • If your goggles are not anti-fog or if their anti-fog coating has worn out, you can spray and smear the inside of the lenses with anti-fog solution, available at most sporting goods retailers. (If you want to do it the old-fashioned way you can always spit into the lenses, but make sure you rinse them before putting them on and diving into the water.) Now, for another, equally important and significantly nastier reason to wear swim googles—they protect your eyes from irritation that comes from whatever the pool is treated with, and whatever the pool is treated with is reacting with.
  • Which doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune.
  • Swim training and fitness swimming will involve swimming many lengths in one session and you should therefore choose a goggle that feels comfortable around the eyes.
  • It is not absolute that everyone uses a low-profile goggle but in elite racing profile becomes much more important.
  • As the CDC recently disclosed, it’s not always the chemicals in the water that are making our eyes get all sensitive and blood-shot after spending hours in the water.
  • But if you upgrade, just a bit, you and your kids will have a lot more fun at the pool and in the ocean.

If you are just having fun at the pool, you will also want a goggle that feels comfortable so that you can concentrate on having a good time in the water! Another option may be to have a higher-profile goggle for practice and a lower-profile goggle for meets. It’s the pee, sweat, and, uhmm, other stuff that finds it’s way into the water and starts reacting with whatever the pool is treated with. And, you won’t be stuck with a big bag of worthless goggles that don’t do anything to protect your kids’ eyes underwater.

Our range of fitness and leisure goggles include styles that are designed in Liquid Silicone and that use Speedo’s Biofuse technology, to give a flexible and comfortable fit. It is up to you! And while the cost is (usually) incomparable to the phones or shoes, most regular swimmers know the immense frustration of a dodgy pair of goggles, needing to be adjusted and fiddled with at every other turn. One more item of council: My experience is that most sports shops selling goggles favour certain brands heavily. So before you dive in and pick the most expensive or the most aesthetic pair, take a minute to read our quick guide and work out what you really want from your goggles.

Here in Ireland that’s Speedo, with Zoggs and Maru in the swimming pools, and with AquaSphere in the triathlete shops. In many cases, they don’t sell the better or more appropriate ones for you. Those selling goggles rarely if ever have any experience or understanding of the differences, which won’t stop them making absolute pronouncements of certainty to you about what you need, often based on what the local triathletes or age group swim club kids are wearing. Most particularly, many general sports shops will often have never even heard of such as the incredibly popular with competitive swimmers Swedish-type goggles or not be familiar with the advantages or disadvantages or differences of each type.